Youth Sexuality and Disability (abstract)

Youth Sexuality and Disability

A study on the situation of disabled young people in Saxony

Youth sexuality and disability

In August 2010 the pilot study on youth sexuality of 14–17-year-olds with a disability began in Saxony. This state-wide survey is conducted analogously to the BZgA’s Youth Sexuality study. The special feature of this study is that the young people surveyed have disabilities and up until now they have largely been excluded from representative surveys.

The goal of the study commissioned by the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung is to make reliable statements about the attitudes and behaviour of young people in Saxony with physical and sensory disabilities and severe chronic illnesses. The focal points of the survey are sexuality and contraception.

At the heart of the study are questions about sexuality education in school and at home, about first sexual experiences, about contraception, physical development, about the young people’s desire to have children and about their experiences with violence. The purpose of the study’s results is to deliver ideas of how to develop specific sexuality education services that meet the needs of disabled young people. Furthermore the study aims to discover the young people’s competencies, resources and deficits that can in the future be incorporated into the sexuality-education concepts of special-needs schools.