Family planning and migration in women’s lives - interim results
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women's lives - family planning and migration - interim results

Family planning and migration throughout live

Project Profile



Project team

Project management
Prof. Dr. Cornelia Helfferich, Social-Scientific Institute for Women’s Research (SoFFI F.), Freiburg Evangelical University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Essbach, University of Freiburg, Institute of Sociology

Heike Klindworth, graduate in biology
Dr. Jan Kruse
Rainer Wagner and a team of female interviewers and participants in the evaluation

Performance of the telephone interviews
TNS Emnid, Bielefeld (Heidrun Bode)


Co-operation partners

Oberhausen Municipal Authorities, youth welfare and social planning department, statistics and polls department

Stuttgart Municipal Authorities, administrative department for individual equality of opportunity for women and men, policy unit for integration policy

Faktor Familie GmbH, local family research and family policy (Holger Wunderlich, graduate in social sciences)



Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung
Maarweg 149-161
50825 Köln
Tel.: +49 (0)221 8992-0
Fax: +49 (0)221 8992-300


Research institutions

Social-Scientific Institute for Women’s Research (SoFFI F.), Freiburg
Bugginger Straße 38
79114 Freiburg
Tel.: +49 (0)761 47812690


Further informations:


Project period

December 2006 – July 2008 (first phase)
Field work
October/November 2007 (first phase)


Target group

Women between the ages of 20-44 with a Turkish, eastern/southeastern European migrant background



  • 601 women between 20 and 44 years of age
    migration background: Turkish: N=307
    eastern European/southeastern European: N=294
    299 women without a migration background
  • 30 individual interviews, 18 group discussions mainly with women with a Turkish or eastern European/southeastern European migration background



  • Telephone surveys, standardised questionnaires (also in Turkish)
  • Random sample taken from the registers held at the registration office
  • Use of Turkish-speaking interviewers