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Familienplanung.de / Schwanger-Info.de – Qualitative survey

Internet portal Familienplanung.de

www.familienplanung.de / www.schwanger-info.de is an independent Internet portal free from commercial interests providing information through various channels on the subjects of family planning and a desire to have children, contraception, pregnancy and delivery as well as the first few weeks with the new baby. mehr

Evaluation of a brochure

Evaluation of the brochure “How do you do? – facts worth knowing for boys and men”

“How do you do?” Is an information brochure about male sexuality for male adolescents and young men. It provides information about the male body, particularly the genitals, about orgasms, ejaculation and male fertility. mehr

Evaluation of a pamphlet

Prenatal screening

The BZgA created the pamphlet “prenatal screening” to provide pregnant women with a brief informative overview of the diagnostic procedures found in prenatal screening. mehr

Evaluation of a brochure

“Being safe. Contraception for her and him.”

“Being safe. Contraception for her and him.” provides detailed information about the whole spectrum of different contraceptive methods. The brochure states the advantages and disadvantages of popular methods of contraception and thus helps its readers in the making a decision about what is the right contraceptive for them. mehr