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New representative survey

Social environments of people with a migrant background

During the period of 2006 and 2008 Sinus Sociovision conducted a representative study about the social environments and lifestyles of people with migrant backgrounds in Germany. This study reveals a highly faceted image of the migrant population and relativizes many negative clichés widespread in Germany. mehr

Representative study – Survey of pregnant women

Pregnancy experience and prenatal screening

To find out more about the subjective state of mind of pregnant women, their attitude and their desire for information and to be better able to tailor the new media, materials and in-service training opportunities to them, the BZgA commissioned a survey of pregnant women. The respondent provided information about various aspects of their pregnancy experience, their experiences with pre-natal screening and their attitudes and expectations. mehr

Representative survey of 500 women and 500 men

A desire for children and starting a family amongst women and men with university degrees

The study investigates the attitude and motivation of women and men with university degrees regarding starting a family. Women and men in Eastern and Western Germany are having fewer children than they would like. Women with a university degree in particular are have their first child very late or they remain childless because of reconciliation problems. mehr