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Evaluation of a pilot project

Acting in partnership

"Acting in partnership in the workplace" was the goal of an unusual project: company teaching staff were trained by a team of the pro familia on the topics of “sexuality education and family planning for trainees”. The purpose was to enable them to advise trainees (apprentices) struggling with difficulties and conflicts in their life planning, or, for example, if they suffered sexual assaults in the workplace. mehr

Familienplanung.de / Schwanger-Info.de – Qualitative survey

Internet portal Familienplanung.de

www.familienplanung.de / www.schwanger-info.de is an independent Internet portal free from commercial interests providing information through various channels on the subjects of family planning and a desire to have children, contraception, pregnancy and delivery as well as the first few weeks with the new baby. mehr

Evaluation of a flyer

Flyer: “Sexyclopaedia: contraception”

The pamphlet “sexyclopaedia: contraception” provides information about the most important methods of contraception. Most young people these days protect themselves well and safely with condoms or the contraceptive pill and for that reason the use of these methods is explained in detail. Further contraceptive means and methods are explained in brief in this pamphlet. mehr